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Website Design 2023

6 Reasons Why Your Business Must Have a Website in 2023

You don’t have to be a website designer or marketing guru to know that a website is essential to a business’s success. Consumers today search for everything online. You’d be missing out on a ton of business without an online presence. So, no better time than now to hire a website designer and get online!

A business website contributes to your business in many different ways. It increases visibility, is a cost-effective way of marketing, is a source of customer data, and builds brand trust and credibility. Let’s look at how it does all that and more. 

Increase Online Presence Scoresby

Increased online presence and visibility

A website puts your business on the “digital” map. There are over a billion searches daily related to shopping. So, you’re missing out on a lot of potential business without an online presence.

Hiring a website designer and creating a website is just the beginning. Yes, you create an online presence with the website but you need to ensure it is visible on search engines. This means you need to have the website optimised for search engines.

There are numerous tactics within search engine optimisation (SEO), which you can take from writing optimised content to designing a simple, light website with optimised photos. The tactics will help you rank higher and increase visibility.

Cost-effective marketing

If you’ve ever taken out an advertisement for your business in print or television, you know just how expensive it is. A website allows you to market your products and services at a fraction of that cost. The best part is, the products and services remain online as long as your website does.

Even if you compare the costs associated with digital marketing which would include optimising your website, you’d still be spending less. Your reach would be far wider than traditional advertising methods since anyone and everyone will have access to your website around the clock. So, it is a far more effective way to market than traditional means.

Providing information to customers

A website allows your business to operate 24/7, giving potential customers information about your business even after business hours. A great website designer will work with you to get all the relevant information on your website from the history of the business, the products, contact information, to all the prices.

The website will essentially be your top salesperson because it showcases all relevant information for potential customers so they can opt for your products over others.

Building trust and credibility

The fact that you’ve worked with a web designer and created a website for your business makes it more credible. Consumers nowadays verify businesses online, they tend to trust businesses with an online presence more than those that don’t.

Now, to make your website even more credible and trustworthy, you need to work closely with the web designer. Keep the design as simple as possible, so the content is easy to access and read. A minimal design also makes your business appear professional to visitors. It shows them that you mean business.

Data collection and analysis

Data is key for effective marketing and lead generation. Think of your website as a data collection tool. You need to constantly keep a track of things like pages converting clients, which don’t. So, you can optimise your website to improve buyers’ experience and improve their journey on your website.

The data from your website gives you a better understanding of your audience and their needs. You can use it to improve your marketing strategy, leading to better leads and a higher conversion rate. So, if you don’t already have a lead capture option or proper data collection methods, speak to your website designer and developer to sort it out.

Mobile optimisation

In 2022, almost 59% of all internet traffic was from a mobile device. Your business will be missing out on a lot of that if its website is not mobile optimised. What is mobile optimisation, you ask? It is a process in website development that ensures your website is easy to view and navigate on mobile devices.

Without optimisation, your website would appear as it would on a desktop computer. As you know mobile device screens are not as big which would make navigating and viewing the website difficult. Most visitors will leave the site immediately because it’s difficult for them to get the information they want. Work with your website designer to ensure the site is optimised for mobile devices.

Website Design 2023

The importance of having a professional and mobile optimised website for your business

A website is a must for any business to thrive in the market today. Consumers rely on the internet for information more today than ever and that trend will continue to grow. As a business owner, it is up to you to work with a website designer to make sure that your business has a professional, mobile, and search engine-optimised website. 

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